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CJC Board

Colorado Junior Crew is a Colorado-registered 501(c)(3) organization. It is overseen by a volunteer Board of Trustees, with the objective of advancing the sport of rowing in Colorado through youth development.

Seeking Board Members for 2021

If you have interest in joining the board, now is the time! We are looking for anyone who has specific experience in finance and accounting, fundraising, or youth sports. Youth organizations cannot run without the involvement of parents, so we hope you will consider joining. Please contact Josh Lynch at for more information.  The following board positions are available:


Fundraising Chair

CJC is a not-for-profit organization, run for the benefit of its athletes. We work to ensure membership fees are maintained at a reasonable level. The Fundraising Chair is responsible for setting fundraising goals and implementing plans to reach that target.  The position also involves recruiting volunteers to support event fundraising and managing annual fundraising. Duties include:

1.  Annually setting club fundraising goal, in consultation with the treasurer and board.

2.  Outlining plans and activities required to achieve the fundraising goal and in compliance with the CJC Fundraising Policy

3. Ensuring that all fundraising initiatives undertaken at the Club are reviewed and approved by the Board and are directed at raising funds to meet Board approved targets.

4.  Exploring opportunities for corporate sponsorships or donations.




Safekeeping of Colorado Junior Crew (CJC) funds and the management of financial transactions and operations of CJC. The Treasurer is an officer of the corporation and the duties associated with that role are set out in the Club By-laws. Duties include:

1.  Ensure adequate cash reserves to meet ongoing CJC cash requirements from operations

2.  Maintain banking and credit authorizations

3.  If applicable, supervise bookkeeper:

4.  Pre-approve/review accounts receivables and accounts payable before/after processing

5.  In consultation with the full Board, develop annual operational budget for review and consideration by the Board at the January planning meeting


Josh Lynch, President


Carl Gelderloos, Treasurer


Ole Axvig

Christiana Lucani