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Winter Session

Indoor winter training begins in December and continues into mid-late March.  Continued fitness improvement is critical to preparing athletes and CJC for the competitive spring racing season. 

Athletes can join the Winter program at any stage that it's offered.  Athletes who join in Winter do training inside because of the weather and do not row on the water. 


Registration is closed for the 2021 Winter Session.


2021 Winter Session


Let's continue the progress we made in the Fall and keep our squad together during the winter months!  We've developed a new winter training program to meet Public Health guidelines.  

  • Shorter in duration:  Up to 75 minutes versus the near 2 hour practice sessions.  
  • Physical Separation:  Workouts will be performed individually until it is deemed safe to regroup.
  • Feedback:  CJC Head Coach will video conference with each athlete to help meet training goals and provide feedback.
  • Versatile:  It starts off with a bodyweight exercise for warmup.  Then it shifts to an outside aerobic component of which YOU choose (hills, stairs, flat grassy area, etc.)  We then regroup and finish off with one strength exercise and cool down.
  • Educational:  We want fitness to be a lifelong pursuit and thus teach you how to complete exercises that truly get you fit and not injured.
  •  Progressive Loading:  We start off with three sessions per week in December and add an ergometer component starting in January.    In addition to the three days of core training (to establish your fitness base), we will add a day of erg training in Jan/ Feb/ March to establish baseline numbers and test our fitness.   The season ends in March with five sessions/week.   It is not necessary to have an ergometer in your home.
  • Flexible:  Choose the months that best fit into your schedule.  
  • 2021 Fees:  $150/mo or $400/full winter session